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Dr. AbuSalah gives an Invited Talk on “Arabic-English Automatic Ontology Mapping Based on Machine Readable Dictionary”

Dr. AbuSalah PresentationDr. AbuSalah, a Senior Knowledge Management Specialist who works with the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) was invited to give a talk entitled: “Arabic-English Automatic Ontology Mapping Based on Machine Readable Dictionary”.  In his lecture Dr. AbuSalah presented a new methodology for ontology mapping in different human languages (Arabic/English). This is done by identifying the steps of extracting concepts on both ontologies and automatically mapping them based on Machine Readable Dictionary (MRD) and Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) tools. His talk also discussed a unique tool that automatically extracts unmapped concepts and uses MRD and WSD to match them and create semantic bridges between the ontologies.

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