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Launching WOJOOD Names tools

WojoodWOJOOD team is excited to announce the launching of their test version of WOJOOD.Names.

A set of tools  that focuses on building Arabic processing tools specialized in processing and understanding people names, the tools include:

Names Gender Detector: A tool that detects the gender of an input name (Male, Female or Family).

Names Translator:  A tool that translate input Arabic names to its English equivalent by applying statistics and common names translating to decide the best translate for certain input name.

Names Spelling System: A system that can detect spelling errors in input names, what’s good about this system that its doesn’t depend on certain level of correction and can go deep as needed in finding the best suitable name of a misspelled one (whether the name is male, female or family).

Names Auto Suggestion System: A system that will start detecting and suggesting proper names to users while typing.

You can try a demo of the above tools on :

Happy Testing :)

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