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MashQL Students in the News

MashQL in the NewsOn the 26 of September 2010, the Palestinian newspaper “Al-Quds” published an article about MashQL (A noval approach for querying the Data Web – Web 3.0). The article included a brief overview about the project and the people who contributed to it, in addition to the related publications of Sina team. The article also clarified the importance of the project and how it contributes to the realization of the Data Web (Web 3.0). The main challenges of the MashQL research project were also discussed, in addition to the solutions and contributions that resulted from the the project. Also, the article talked about the implementation of MashQL as a Firefox plug-in and how this plug-in transforms the browser from merely being a navigator of web pages to a composer of web pages by allowing the user, in an intuitive way, to mash-up and query the Data Web.

The full article can be found here.

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