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PalGov team visits the General Personnel Council

A team from the Palestinian e-Government Academy met the Minister Moussa Abu Zeid, President of the General Personnel Council Tuesday the 13th of December, at the headquarter of the Council in the presence of senior officials from the council. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss means of joint coordination for following up and coordinating with the ministries that will nominate their employees to attend the E-gov. training courses.

The meeting parties discussed and studied the cooperation mechanism between the Palestinian E- government Academy and the Council in the process of the selecting the best trainees that will in turn help in achieving the academy’s short and long term goals.

From his side, Minister Moussa Abu Zeid praised the cooperation with the Palestinian E-government academy, valuing the great objective the academy is seeking to achieve. He also stressed the need of having such project in Palestine in order to empower the Palestinian society by implementing the e-government services.

The Minister referred to the importance of the Palestinian Competence role and the need to build the skills and giving them the chance to contribute in fulfilling the Palestinian society needs. He promised to support the academy and its coordination with all the ministries.

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