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Lexical Semantic meeting in Trento

SIERA partners conducted a technical meeting in Trento (15-20 July 2012) to discuss the upcoming deliverables in “WP2-Networking and Research Setup” workpackage. The meeting was co-located with First Interdisciplinary Summer School on Ontological Analysis in University of Trento, which was an opportunity for the project, for dissemination and networking.

Several issues were discussed in this meeting, including WordNet principles and ongoing developments, base concepts in WordNet, KYOTO Ontology and its mapping with WordNet, Arabic Ontology, and the Matching Function. At the end, the Mapping Framework between KYOTO-WordNet Ontology and the Arabic Ontology was discussed in details.

It was agreed that the mapping framework will include several types of mappings (such as equivalence, Types, Part-whole, and others, between concepts), and more importantly, for each mapping transaction, both accuracy and confidence will be recorded. While the notion of accuracy refers to how much a mapping is accurate, the notion of confidence refers to how much the person/program that performed this mapping is sure that this mapping. This mapping framework will be formalized in First Order Logic, including the new notion of Semantonym, which refers to the equivalency between two concepts of lexical terms from different languages.

The framework will be used to map the KYOTO-WordNet Ontology and the Arabic Ontology.This mapping will be performed in the following steps: 1- mapping the upper levels, by Amanda, 2- mapping the base concepts of WordNet into Arabic. The base concepts will be identified by Christiane and mapped by Mustafa into Arabic. 3- mapping KYOTO’s domain levels by Rana.

The meeting was attended by Paolo bouquet (TN), and Stefano Bortoli (TN), Christiane Fellbaum (BBAW), Amanda Hicks (BBAW), Rana Rishmawi (BZU), Mustafa Jarrar (BZU), and Bilal Farraj (BZU).

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