Jamal Daher

Director of Masters Program in Contemporary Arab Studies,
Chairperson of Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies,
at Birzeit University

jamal (at) birzeit (dot) edu

Mailing Address: Birzeit University, PO Box 14, Birzeit, Palestine
Telefax: + 972-2-298-2101

Facebook: (facebook.com/Jamlthaher)

Jamal Daher Photo



  1. Jamal Daher, Syllogisms: Aristotle as a Criterion of Validity.
  2. Jamal Daher, The Illiteracy of Arabs before Islam: a Refutation of a Prevailing Conception” (عرب ما قبل الدعوة : تفنيد لتصور سائد), Al-Fekr magazine. No 158-159. 2012 (90 - 102).
  3. Jamal Daher, The Act of Education: Toward Definition” (فعل التربية، تعريف), Rou’a Tarbawiyyah. No 32. 2011 (135-137)
  4. Jamal Daher, Individualism between Indignity and Language” (الفردانية واللغة) Mada ‘Akhar. No. 2. 2006 (9-19).
  5. Jamal Daher, Globalizing Education: Oneness vs. Diversity” (العولمة والتربية), Rou’a Tarbawiyyah. No 21. 2006 (43-47).


Philosophy of Language and Knowledge Engineering

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