The Arabic Ontology

A long-term research project to develop an Arabic Wordnet with ontologically-clean content.

Curras - Corpus for Palestinian Dialect

Funded by the Research Council- Ministry of Higher Education, 2013-2015.
A collection of Palestinian written dialect (56K words) was gathered from several resources and each word was manually annotated with 16 features.

VerbMesh - Large Graph of Arabic Verbs

Funded by Birzeit University, 2014-2016.
To collect and integrate Arabic verbs across many lexicons, and to build a large-scale graph of Arabic verbs and their inflectional and derivational relations.

Arabic NLP tools

All tools and algorithms we develop for NLP tasks are made open source.


Funded by EU-FP7, No. 612076, 13 Partners, 2014-2015.
To foster R&D cooperation between EU and Mediterranean countries on ICT and its support in EU-MED societal challenges.

SIERA - Multilingual Knowledge Technologies

Coordinator. Funded by EU FP7, No. 295006, 5 Partners, 2011-2014.
To develop multilingual and multi-cultural knowledge sharing technologies.

Zinnar - The Palestinian e-Government Interoperability Framework

In cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and IT, and other Palestinian ministries.
To develop and deploy a framework and ontology to enable e-governmental and e-services in Palestine, (adopted by all ministries).

PalGov - The Palestinian e-Government Academy

Coordinator. Funded by EU-TEMPUS, No. 511159, 11 partners, 2010-2012.
Capacity building for Palestinian ministries to gain the know-how for implementing e-government services in three main areas (interoperability, security, and IT-laws).

MashQL: Mashup Query Language for Graph Databases

Started as part of the EU Marie Curie SearchIn Project at the University of Cyprus.
To develop a novel approach for querying the Data Web (Web 3.0) - a mashup query language toping SPARQL for querying RDF stores.