Word-Duplicate Cleaner

This form takes a set of delimited Arabic words and smartly removes duplicates, regardless on how they are diacritized. The full details in this article. To process large input, please use Duplicate Cleaner from File

Input: Output:
Words separated by Copy to Clipboard

Advanced Options:
Ignore diacritics on last letter
Ignore Shadda ( ّ ) on any letter
Ignore Hamza (ء) on the first Letter
Ignore (ال التعريف) from the beginning of the word

Download: Source Code
Publication: Mustafa Jarrar, Fadi Zaraket, Rami Asia, Hamzeh Amayreh: Diacritic-Based Matching of Arabic Words. ACM Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing. Volume 18, No 2, Pages(10:1--10:21), ACM, December 2018. ISSN 2375-4699.
Other Projects: Implication Function , Arabic Ontology , Curras , Zinnar