Birzeit University Concludes Its First Course of the International Information Technology Summer School

The IT Faculty in Birzeit University concluded its first course of the International IT Summer School, which is being held for the fourth consecutive ¬†year, with the participation of local and international university professors in advanced topics in the field of technology. The International IT Summer School targets students in their final year in the Bachelor program, and Masters’ students in specialties related to Information Technologies in the Palestinian universities.

The first course this year came under the topic “Enterprise Modeling, Service Strategic Planning and Data Governance”. The course was given by the collaboration of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sahib from Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Dr. Dirar Alayan from the Computer Science Department in Birzeit University, and Professor Carlo Batini and Dr. Gianluigi Viscusi from the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy.

Al-Quds Newspaper - July 17, 2011

Al-Quds Newspaper - July 17, 2011

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sahib commenced the course with a module on Enterprise Modeling, followed by Dr. Dirar Alayan with a module on Modeling Changes in the Enterprises. This was followed by a module about Service Strategic Planning and Data Governance presented by Professor Carlo Batinin and Dr. Gianluigi Viscusi.

Professor Batinin and Dr. Viscusi’s visit comes as part of their work in a project for the Interoperability of Government Services, in which the University of Milano-Bicocca collaborates with Birzeit University with a fund from the Italian government, which is coordinated by Dr. Mustafa Jarrar from the Information Technology Faculty in Birzeit University.

The entire experiences received positive feedback, whether it was from the participating students for the efforts of the participating professors and the originality of the topics, or from the visiting professors for the distinction of the Palestinian students. Professor Batini and Dr. Viscusi expressed their hopes to repeat the experience in the coming years.

The second course of the Summer School starts on July 9th. Professor Hany Ammar from West Virginia University in USA will be presenting a module about Software Architecture. Professor¬† Adel Taweel, an academic and researcher at the University of King’s College London, UK will be giving a tutorial about Service-Oriented Architectures.

It is noteworthy that the Summer School this year is coordinated by the head of the Computer System Engineering Department in the IT Faculty, Mr. Abdul Salam Sayyad.