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News/Events Organized By Sina:

WOJOOD in the News


WOJOOD’s winning the ITSAF 2008 (Information Technology Student’s Activity Fair) made it to local newspapers […]

WOJOOD Wins First Prize in Jordan Information Technology Student’s Activity Fair

Wojood APIs

WOJOOD was awarded the 1st prize in Information Technology Student’s Activity Fair (ITSAF 2008), for a package of Arabic tools and search mechanisms introduced as a part of a graduation project by three students Ali Salhi, Anwar Hithnawi & Merna Fawadleh. […]

Sina Website launched

Sina Website launched

Sina Team is very excited to announce the launch of Sina website. The site provides information on the institute, recent Publications of Sina Team, profiles of researchers and students working at Sina, Sina projects, News and upcoming events and Sina Partners. In addition it provides a position openings section and a students corner.[…]