About GovSeer

The ICT systems of many public authorities have been designed through choices that reproduce the existing functional separation in the administrative structure, leading to disparate systems and databases. Therefore, Interoperability is a key challenge for the development of e-Government and the basic requirement for the exchange and sharing of knowledge between organizations, and for the reorganization of the administrative processes to better support the services.

GovSeerThere are four levels of interoperability for the delivery of e-Government data and services: legal, organizational, semantic, and technical. The legal level refers to the laws and regulations necessary for the exchange of data and service delivery. The organizational context refers to the ability of cooperation between administrative processes. The semantic level is concerned with the meaning and the structure of the exchanged data. The technical level refers to the standard protocols and data formats.

The project aims to support mobility and exchange of researchers between both universities in order to facilitate joint research activities in the area of e-Governance and interoperability, in particular: service ontology engineering (i.e., the design of business process and service repositories and mashups of data and services), multilingual government ontologies, policies, and business rules. Also, the project aims to support student mobility and PhD student co-supervision, in addition to dissemination and outreaching activities, such as joint tutorials and course materials and the organization of national and international conferences.

Short Title: GovSeer
Full Title: Interoperability of e-Governmental services
Project Duration: December 2010 – April 2012
Donor: Italian government, Cooperlink program
Webpage: http://sina.birzeit.edu/GovSeer/

University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
The Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication
Carlo Batini, Gianluigi Viscusi

Birzeit University, Palestine
Mustafa Jarrar

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