1. MashQL Installation

Software Requirements: Firefox 3.5 or lower version, and Java JRE or JDK.

Download links:

To install MashQL copy the installation link to the browser address bar and press "Enter", after three seconds you will get a window similar to the window shown in Figure 1, press on "Install Now" button.

After that another window will appear similar to the one shown in Figure 2, then press on the "Restart Firefox" button which is shown in the top-right corner.

2. Fix Java Plug-in Problem:

You need to read this section if and only if you had followed the instructions in section 1, and the MashQL still not working. In order to fix Java Plug-in problem go to Control Panel -> Java -> Advanced Tab -> Java Plug-in. Then uncheck "enable the next generation of java plugin". The screen shot for the final configuration is shown in below:

3. To open the MashQL add-on:

In Firefox, go to view -> Sidebar and select MashQL, the following left sidebar will appear.