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Sina Institute Participated in the “Palestine for European Research Area” Conference

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A team from Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Technologies at Birzeit University has participated in the final conference of the EU-FP7 funded project PERA (Palestine for European Research Area), which was organized by Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie in Tulkarm, in 22/9/2013.

Dr Mustafa Jarrar, the director of Sina Institute​, presented the past and current EU projects of the institute, and focused on ​the goals and achievements of the SIERA project, which is​ the current project​ funded by the European Union (FP7)​. Dr Jarrar ​has also over-viewed the institute’s forthcoming projects ​and partnerships in EU programs.

The conference was attended by a group of researchers and specialists from various local and international universities and research centers, ministries and local institutions, in addition to a group of representatives of the partners in the PERA project from the Polytechnic University of Tarino, the CTM Research Center in Spain, and EFB organization in the USA. The FP7 Project Officer Tanya Dimitrov has also attended and explained how to ease and facilitate the participation process of the Palestinian Society in future European Research. She further provided a detailed presentation on the upcoming European Program Horizon 2020, which will commence at the beginning of the year 2014.

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