Watch Lecture: Experience of Connecting Taxes Databases In Italy
تجربة ربط قواعد البيانات الضريبية في إيطاليا

Experience of Connecting Taxes Databases In Italy

د. باولو بوكيه – جامعة ترنتو

Paolo Bouquet

Paolo Bouquet is professor in Computer Science at the University of Trento, where he teaches semantic technologies in the Management and Business School. He was involved in several EU funded projects in the are of language and semantic technologies and was the coordinator of the OKKAM project. His papers are published on the most relevant conference proceedings and journals. Paolo is the co-founder and president of a spinoff company called OKKAM, which aims at bringing to the market the main results of the OKKAM project.

TITLE: Using semantics for supporting tax investigation
Tax investigtion (discovering tax evasion) is one of the most data intensive activities in e-government. It requires the ability to combine data from highly heterogeneous sources and then to make use of this wealth of data to discover irregular behaviours of tax payers. In this talk, I will present how we used semantic technologies to support our regional tax agency “Trentino Riscossioni” and to provide tax inspectors with a large-scale browsable knowledge base built on top of several data sources. In particular, I will highlight the innovative entity-centric approch that was taken in this project, which makes use of OKKAM technologies. The new tool has reduced the time for data collection from about 1 month to a few seconds, and this will hopefully lead to an increase in tax collection from evaders.